The parents of our students,have the opportunity to attend the courses in order to withess the progress and the development of their children twice each year, at Christmans and in Summer.


Every second year, we organize musical performances . The most recent one with the title Choreographed Open Classes & <>was in 16 of June 2022 at The open Theater of Ilioupolois Dimitris Kintis with the participation of all the students of our School.


Each year, selected students of ours take part in the Royal Academy of Dance examination that are organized by the British council at our School.

Seminars abroad

From 2008 to today,our school organizes trips abroad every summer so that our students can participate in International summer schools accompanied by their teachers.Our students participated in the Royal Academy of Dance summer school and also to The Dance Summer School in Edinburg-Scotland..

Seminars at the School

Our School organizes seminars during the school year, inviting renowned dancers-choreographers, thus giving the students the opportunity to get to know them up close and learn from their experience. As part of the 1st Dance Workshop organized at our School, we hosted Mr. Yiannis Mitrakis (Dancer of the National Opera), Ms. Katerina Andriopoulou (Choreographer of contemporary dance) and Mr. Ilias Iliev (hip-hop dancer) with the participation of our students from 13 years old but also students of other schools.

Καλοκαιρινό Camp τέχνης

Every year from the end of the school year, from Monday to Friday and for four weeks, our school runs the very successful Art Summer Camp for children from 5 to 12 years old, which includes daily dance, theater, musical, visual arts, aqua dance and pool party classes ! In collaboration, the children had the opportunity to learn basic theater techniques, as well as to visit artistic spaces.

Tracking Performances of dance

As part of our effort for a better art education we organize visits to theaters like Megaro Mousikis Athinon, Theater of Athens College, Pallas, etc. to watch performances.

Views D.V.D.

The projections take place at school about twice each year. The most recent projection was Sleeping Beauty from the Royal Ballet.